Dream 100: The ECOM SEO Formula Way

Dream 100. The ECOM SEO Formula way.

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January 05, 2023

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The Dream 100 strategy acknowledges that establishing and owning your audience is the ultimate goal when it comes to marketing. In addition to that, building genuine relationships with that audience is the cherry on top. This helps protect your business from relying solely on paid ads or marketing efforts. To build a successful, long-lasting brand, you must do a great job balancing paid marketing, organic traffic, and relationship-building with your customer base.

If you are wondering how to achieve this while being a busy business owner, this article is for you!

How to achieve the perfect marketing mix?

We want to pay homage to (the late) Chet Holmes to answer that question. He was one of the world’s foremost entrepreneurs, speakers, and sales and marketing experts. To get there, he worked relentlessly on teaching businesses how to position themselves as experts. Furthermore, he worked on helping businesses build rapport with their audiences (and stand out from the competition). Chet Holmes taught how to offer solutions, grow influence, and establish a consistent brand message to provide credibility. One of our favorite parts about his story is that he started from the bottom and worked his way to the top.

Chet Holmes initially worked as a salesman and made hundreds of phone calls daily to achieve a sale. Tired of the awkward rejection, he asked one of his co-workers for help. She was the top producer and closed three times as many sales as he did, so he knew she would have some solid suggestions to offer. His co-worker advised him to work smarter, not harder, and focus on finding the ideal customer. This helped him narrow his >2000 lead list to 150 ideal customer prospects. When he did this and closed more sales than he ever had in a single month, he knew he was on to something.

This inspired him to develop the Dream 100 Strategy, first proposed in his classic sales and marketing book The Ultimate Sales Machine.

What is the Dream 100 Strategy?

The Dream 100 strategy is a simple yet innovative approach used in sales and marketing. The broad idea for the system consists of identifying the 100 top clients you would like to win. The list can be comprised of 100 different affiliates, partners, or places where you would like to be to capture the attention of your dream customer profile. For example, podcasts, blogs, Facebook groups, telegram channels, newsletters, forums, subreddits, youtube channels, magazines, social media of influencers, etc.

Once you have a curated list, the idea is to infiltrate them or reach out to get in front of your target market and engage with them. Building genuine engagement with your target customers will drive them to your sales funnel while you grow your email list. Taking the time to make sure the engagement feels (and is) genuine is vital! No one wants to interact with someone who seems to be doing things because they have to and not because they want to. A great way to do this is to ensure your brand has a well-defined personality and that your marketing efforts align with it. One of the things that will help you achieve this result is being authentic. Authenticity is one of the most overlooked components for long-lasting success in building businesses and customer rapport.

Building strong relationships:

Strong relationships take time to build. They require nurture, effort, commitment, consistency, and honesty. Dedicating time to cultivating long-lasting relationships with your audience will help you provide them with quality content. This will also help you receive constant traffic and income and return.

Forging a genuine connection with your dream client list will allow you to understand your audience better and generate tailored content for them. This strategy can be used to build the core foundation of your company, and it is perfect for small business owners who are just starting and want to attract their ideal clients.

In Chet Holmes’s words:

The goal of the Dream 100 is to take your ideal buyers from “I’ve never heard of this company” to “What is this company I keep hearing about?” to “I think I’ve heard of that company” to “Yes, I’ve heard of that company” to “Yes, I do business with that company.”

Keep in mind that what sets this strategy apart is that you will focus your sales efforts on a smaller number of dream clients versus a vast number of random prospects. As a part of implementing the strategy, you need to find those with an already established audience in your target market who are already engaging with your dream customers. The next step is to connect with them to help you establish an audience of your own and engage with them.


The Dream 100 Strategy in Action:

The Dream 100 strategy is now a proven method implemented by some of the biggest companies to boost success rates and land dream customers. This is precisely what Russell Brunson did. He is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, one of the fastest-growing software companies in the world, and he can take credit for helping popularize the Dream 100 Strategy for online marketing.

His focus is to build a list of 100 people of influence that you would like to work with. He suggested breaking this list into four categories and coming up with 25 names for each category. His category suggestions were:

  • 1) Bloggers
  • 2) Social Media Personalities
  • 3) Business Owners/ List Owners
  • 4) Podcasters


His Podcast, The Marketing Secrets Show, is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to market in a way that allows them to share their message while remaining profitable.

Why implement the Dream 100 Strategy?

–      It will help you narrow your focus. This strategy helps your business focus marketing efforts on ideal dream clients. This way, you can allocate your resources more effectively and increase your chances of converting prospects into paying customers.

–      When you have a clear idea of your ideal customers, creating marketing campaigns and content tailored to them will be more natural and fruitful. Operating in this space will allow you to create more content aligned with the message you would like to share.

–      Your business will be associated with influential authorities in your market niche. When you build relationships with these agents, you can access their networks and help each other grow.


Where to start?

If your goal is to have a successful business that will withstand the test of time (and make a lot of money), you need to ensure you are generating organic traffic for your site and not relying solely on paid ads. Building relationships through the Dream 100 List Strategy can dramatically increase your sales and help you establish yourself as an authority amongst your ideal customers.

Define your ideal customer:

To get started, the first thing you need to do is define your niche and your ideal client. Here are ten questions that will help you with that task:

  1. What does your ideal customer want?
  2. What are their fears, their dreams, and their desires?
  3. What are their demographics (annual income, age, marital status)
  4. What troubles your ideal customer?
  5. How can you help your ideal customer live their best life?
  6. Who do they admire?
  7. What are their spending habits?
  8. Where do they spend their time?
  9. Who are their sources of information?
  10. What do they do for a living?


Reach out!

A clear picture of your ideal client prospects will help you pinpoint where you are most likely to find them and how to gain instant access. Make sure you know what pain you will be helping your ideal customer avoid and what pleasure you will help them access.

The more familiar you are with your ideal customer, the more aligned your efforts will convert them into paying customers.

Once you have that information, you must build a sales funnel to generate leads.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Dream 100 Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Dream 100 Strategy

This refers to the journey the customer takes from the moment you capture their attention to the moment they take the action you desire them to take.

A sales funnel illustrates how you may have many prospective customers entering the wide edge of the funnel during the initial stages of the sales process and how the number of actual customers who make a purchase is relatively small compared to the initial number. The process aims to turn visitors into leads, potential customers, and paying customers.

Sales Funnel Steps:

  1. Awareness: This is where the customer is first aware of the product or service you offer. If and how the potential client moves down the sales funnel after being aware of your product will depend on their interest and your marketing efforts.
  2. Interaction: This is where the number of customer prospects starts to decrease, and the probability of making a sale increases. In this stage, the potential customer might reach out to you to ask for more information and decide if your offer fits their needs.
  3. Interest: If they have requested information, there is a level of interest in your product or service. At this point, through marketing efforts, the quality offered, and pricing, you can get the customer to progress through the sales funnel.
  4. Action: this is the end of the sales funnel. Once you achieve the first deal from the customer, you can say that he has reached the end of the sales funnel.

There are many ways to get this done, and tons of free videos online focused on outreach campaigns. However, our advice is to go to an expert on the subject to get access to strategies that have been shown to work. This will also help you avoid bottlenecks, and cracks in your sales funnel that slow down your sales process.

Where to find an expert?

John Murphy is the founder of the ECOM SEO formula. He is an Irish entrepreneur, Forbes-published author, and successful e-commerce owner. He created the 7-figure revenue-generating store: eBikeGeneration.com. The difference between him and the other drop shippers and e-commerce owners is that most of his website traffic and sales originate from organic traffic through SEO. After he started applying SEO strategies to his e-commerce, the store only needed a few years to go from a few thousand dollars in revenue to over 3 million dollars!

Why should I trust him?

John has first-hand experience with the daily issues that entrepreneurs deal with. When he first launched his e-commerce, he made the same mistake many others made (the one he wants to help you avoid!). He solely relied on paid traffic sources like Google and Facebook. Suddenly, both platforms decided he had violated one of their many policies and banned him from advertising on their sites.

This hurt his sales, and he was forced to find a creative solution to overcome his issue. He started publishing content to generate organic traffic to his store in February 2019, and by 2020 he was generating over $2 million in sales.


John Murphy’s experience and the knowledge he amassed while implementing his strategies led him to create the ECOM SEO FORMULA course. He focuses on teaching valuable strategies that produce long-lasting results in the course. We took it, and we are so happy we did!

His advice for fellow e-commerce owners is not to wait until they are having trouble with their paid marketing strategies to start implementing SEO on their sites by using different strategies.

One of the strategies he focused on is Dream 100. He brings a fresh perspective to the strategy, and the course includes the specific and proven strategies he has used to build his Dream 100 list to generate more sales. His techniques will help you become an industry leader to earn your ideal prospects’ trust and preference. His strategies are designed to help you avoid wasting time chasing unqualified prospects to focus that energy more effectively.

Why you need this course:

If you are looking for a sign to start implementing this strategy on your e-commerce site, this is it.

Implementing the strategies learned through a course like ECOM SEO Formula will teach you how to get organic traffic to your site. This means that you will spend less money attracting potential customers to your site, have higher profit margins, and be able to focus on providing more discounts and increasing the monthly sales you receive. You’ll be able to read more on why your e-commerce needs an SEO strategy here.

The techniques taught in his course also consider the google algorithm updates and core principles that they abide by and how these can affect your marketing efforts.

Take his course!

SEO strategies require technical skills, creativity for developing engaging content, strategic planning, and the right strategies. John’s course is the best place to learn all of that. The Ecom SEO Formula course is a special tool that will allow you to focus on SEO and content marketing by implementing techniques like the Dream 100 and Building an Affiliate Army.

Remember that a good SEO strategy is a long-term plan, and results take time. These strategies are not for those who seek instant gratification. When it comes to organic traffic, patience pays off. Courses or teachers that promise results within specific time frames are not to be trusted.

John Murphy offers detailed courses of action, tools, information sources, outreach templates, and approaches to implement his teaching strategies. His course also includes clear strategies to associate your company with companies that abide by Google’s core principles to connect your content with the most authoritative voices in your market niche and send positive signals to your website by association.

The right time to start is now. You will get immediate access via email when you purchase the ECOM SEO FORMULA course. This means you can log in and start learning in minutes!

Contact us and let us know what you do to build your established audience and drive organic traffic to your site! We would love to connect!


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