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SlurrySMART HDD® Drilling Fluid

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Description & Function

SlurrySMART® is a 100% active white free flowing granular polymer. SlurrySMART forms an enhanced synthetic membrane on the sidewalls of the bore during drilling that controls loss of fluid to the formation, increases lubrication and reduces bitballing at the cutting interface. SlurrySMART combines the components of KB’s Enhanced fluid System (SlurryPRO CDP, EnhancIT 100, and EnhancIT 200) into a single package designed specifically for the needs of HDD.

20 in stock

20 in stock

General Application Instructions

KB recommends SlurrySMART initially be hydrated in a mixing tank without the use of a hopper. Start by circulating the the mixing tank with the pump and adding the product SLOWLY into the top of the tank. It should take at least 1 minute to empty the entire jar into the tank. Allow 15-20 minutes to circulate. If there is downtime between mixing and drilling be sure and turn off the pumps to prevent uneccessary sheering. utilizing KB’s Venturi Mixer. Typical product dosage rates are as follows:


10 kilo / 22 lb. resealable plastic pails & 2 lb plastic jars (case of 9).


SlurrySMART is available from KB International’s warehouses or from our distribution partners worldwide. Please call for availability in your area.

Technical Support

KB offers technical assitance for this product both in person or over the phone. For technical or applications questions please reach out to KB’s HDD Manager Joshua Talladay. [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 25 cm

2 reviews for SlurrySMART HDD® Drilling Fluid

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